Sunday, February 3, 2013

Hipsters all the way!

Hi, guys! How are y'all? So, I guess you notice that every time that I will be having an exam, I make sure that I post something. So here it is. It's all about skaters, skating & skateboards. As for you guys to know, I do skate. I always escape to go skating with my friends at night. But I'm not really good at it. I can skate but you know the professional one. It's just for fun. Im doing it just to enjoy and Im having fun. Last January, I broke my foot because I tripled down. Which I got body pain & all the stuffs. But, that's what my friends told me that if you're just starting you'll really get a bunch of pains. So I expected that already. And it did really happen. So yeah! Besides all of those, I love guys who really skate. I fall in love to them easily. I dont know why. Maybe skating is just so close to my heart. Hahaha! So keep on hanging there guys! Loveyah :* Take care always! Mwah 

Paula xx

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